Claude Brunier-Coulin

Sports Activities

3rd DAN, Tokyo Shodokan.

Student of Bernard DURAND, Kyoshi 7th DAN, and Morimassa OKADA, Kyoshi 8th DAN.
From 1984 to 2009: Shinzen Dojo. Cercle Tisser 108, rue de Fontenay 94100 VINCENNES.
Since 2009: S.M.K. 31, rue du Commandant Mouchotte 94100 SAINT MANDÉ.

Kendo is a form of two-handed sword fencing where, thanks to the use of suitable equipment (bamboo weapon, protective armor) assaults are carried out in a real way. There is also a two-shinai practice called Nito, heir to the two-sword school attributed to Miyamoto Musashi. The practitioners are called kendoka (little used in Japan) or kenshi. Kendo is practiced in a dōjō: a room equipped with a floor or in gymnasiums when floors are not available. There is no weight category and practitioners do not wear any outward sign of their rank. Fencing: at Viry-Châtillon Fencing. 13, Avenue Jean Mermoz, 91170 VIRY-CHATILLON